I&E Construction

Since 1988, Di-Trol Systems, Inc. has been providing a wide range of I & E services to suit the needs of our clients, our highly experienced field technicians can provide a wide array of Instrumentation and Electrical Services.

  • Upstream & Midstream Oil & Gas Production Facilities

  • Liquid Pipeline Stations

  • SWD Facilities

  • Ground Grids

  • Turnkey Lighting Installations

  • Meter Loops

  • Power generation plants

  • Pump and Compressor Stations

  • Heat Trace Design & Installation

  • Electrical Rack Fabrication

  • Motor Control Centers

  • Cable & Tubing Tray

  • Duct Bank

  • Generator Systems

  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic Tubing Systems

  • PLC Systems

  • Commissioning and Startup Services

  • New Powerline Installation

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