I&E Maintenance

Di-Trol System’s Maintenance group is comprised of experienced, industry-leading experts within all service categories, providing maintenance and capital project services for the power, carbon black, solar, wind, oil, gas, chemical, and mining industries. With open and closed-shop capabilities, Di-Trol Systems provides outage and capital project support and long-term fleetwide maintenance services.

  • Electrical Motors

  • Lighting Systems

  • Glycol Systems

  • Level Controllers

  • All Brands of Pneumatic Control Valves

  • Transformers

  • Fire Loops

  • Safety Systems

  • H2S Analyzers

  • Low-NOX installation

  • SCR and precipitator rebuild and construction

  • Scrubber System Modification and Installation

  • Air Heater Overhaul and Replacement

  • ID & FD Fan Refurbishment or Installation

  • Wind Turbine and Solar Panel Systems

  • Control Valve Maintenance

  • Miscellaneous Valve Maintenance

  • Steam Valve Maintenance

  • Conveyor Maintenance

  • Balance of Plant Maintenance and Outage Work

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