Pressure safety valves are an important component of your plant or production field and when not properly maintained can threaten lives costing your business time and money. Di-Trol Systems offers a full-service maintenance and repair program and is authorized by the National Board of Pressure Vessel Inspectors and the A.S.M.E. to repair and certify any Section I or Section VIII pressure relief devices for both gas and liquid service. Our factory trained valve technicians provide repairs to meet all factory specifications and certifications. You can trust us to properly service your assets and keep your plant or field online. We also supply and stock new valves and parts from all major manufacturers.

  • Annual Valve Maintenance

  • Onsite Valve Repairs

  • In-Line Testing

  • Full Service Shop Repairs

  • Valve Machining and Welding

  • Valve parts Procurement

  • Valve and System Sizing

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